What is the Relationship between immanuelapproach, outsmartingyourself, and KCLehman sites?

Between the original Lehman website (www.kclehman.com), the website for Dr. Lehman’s book, Outsmarting Yourself (www.outsmartingyourself.org), and the Immanuel approach website (www.immanuelapproach.com), there are more than 10 teaching DVDs, more than 20 live session DVDs, and more than 1,000 pages of free download essays about the Immanuel approach and related subjects. With such a large pile of information, we thought it might be helpful to briefly summarize the relationship between these three sites.

The Immanuel approach website (www.immanuelapproach.com): This website is designed to provide resources for anyone wanting to learn about, receive, facilitate, or teach the Immanuel approach. Our hope is that it will provide an easy initial access point for beginners who want to learn about the Immanuel approach, resources for those wanting to include the Immanuel approach in their ministries and practices, resources for those wanting to do teaching/training regarding the Immanuel approach, and connection information for those trying to find a facilitator who can help them with experiencing the Immanuel approach. For those who are just getting started with respect to learning about the Immanuel approach, we especially recommend beginning with the stories on the “Testimonies” page as well as the preview clips and essays on the “Getting Started” page of the Immanuel approach website.

The Outsmarting Yourself website (www.outsmartingyourself.com)Dr Lehman’s first book Outsmarting Yourself: Catching Your Past Invading the Present and What to Do about it came off the press in March 2011. This book provides a lot of good theoretical foundation for those who want to permanently resolve traumatic memories via the Immanuel approach; and it provides concrete strategies for recognizing triggering and minimizing the impact from the traumatic memories that we have not yet resolved. It also describes fascinating phenomena, such as implicit memory, the verbal logical explainer, and relational circuits, and presents compelling evidence that will convince you that you really need to learn about the important (and often invisible) ways these phenomena affect your every day life. Furthermore, many readers (including teen readers) have reported that Dr. Lehman’s explanations and examples are not only understandable, but even entertaining. (www.outsmartingyourself.com)is loaded with both free downloads from the book and additional free resources that compliment the material in the book. The Key Concepts pagechapter one, the videos on the home page, and the MP3 on the home page are all excellent introductory resources. This site also provides lots of information to help you discern whether this book will be a helpful resource for you (the key concepts page, providing a short summary of each of the main ideas presented in the book, is especially helpful for getting an overview of what the book is about, and chapter one provides an excellent sample with respect to the style and quality level of the content in the book).

The original Lehman website (www.kclehman.com): This website contains a large collection of essays addressing a wide variety of subjects related to healing for the brain-mind-spirit system. Dr Lehman has spent over 10,000 hours preparing this material, totaling over 1,000 pages, and these essays are all available to the public as free downloads. (www.kclehman.com) also includes a “Store” page with information and purchasing links for all of the teaching and live session DVDs. Note that the homepage for kclehman.com has a search function that will locate essays which contain key words/topics that interest you.

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