Wanda K. Morgan, Ph.D.

January 2011

We have all had the experience of having emotional content from our past flood into a present moment, supercharging our reaction to the situation in front of us, and impacting not only our feelings and thoughts, but unfortunately our actions as well. Often we have done or said things we later regret. Dr. Lehman explains, with eloquence and wit, the answer to our question, “What just hit me?”

In order to demonstrate the principles that cause these emotional reactions, as well as the effective interventions he has developed, Dr. Lehman humbly shares examples from his own healing journey. Dr. Lehman’s openness and sense of humor about his own experiences are two of the most important strengths of this book. He not only provides vivid and concrete examples, but also gives permission for each of us to be just where we are in our own process of healing. Dr. Lehman then outlines a path to freedom from the painful and destructive influences of these emotional intrusions by combining the latest in brain science and a dynamic connection with Jesus Christ, our Immanuel.

Dr. Lehman goes to great lengths to present this material in a way that is understandable to a lay person who is just being introduced to emotional healing, and at the same time is informative and exciting to a professional with years of experience. The insights Dr. Lehman presents have been very beneficial to me both as a psychologist in private practice as well as in my own marriage and other relationships. I have been tremendously blessed to have Dr. Lehman as a friend and a colleague. I was an original member of his first mentoring group and have had the privilege to learn from him for the last ten years. Thank you, Karl, for all you have given me.

Wanda K. Morgan, Ph.D.

Psychologist and psychotherapist with thirty years of clinical experience

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