The Immanuel approach to finding and resolving the underlying traumatic memories

With the right resources and tools, a person can work through a traumatic memory, successfully completing the processing tasks she was not able to accomplish at the time of the original experience. When this has been done, the package of toxic content associated with this particular traumatic memory is permanently resolved so that it will never again cause trouble. An especially powerful point of good news is that Jesus understands the healing process, and he wants to help us heal. The Immanuel approach to emotional healing starts with helping the person perceive the Lord’s presence and establish a living, interactive connection with Him; and for those who are able to establish an adequate interactive connection, healing for traumatic memories becomes surprisingly simple as the Lord leads the person through each step of the process. With the basic version of the Immanuel approach to emotional healing, all the facilitator needs to do is:

• establish the foundation for the session by helping the person to perceive the Lord’s presence and establish an interactive connection with Him;

• coach the person to turn to Jesus, focus on Jesus, and engage with Him directly at every point in the session;

• watch carefully for any point where the person loses interactive connection with the Lord, and then help the person reestablish an interactive connection at any point we discover that she has lost this all important foundation.

See chapter 7 for additional explanation and poignant testimonies.

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