Rhonda Calhoun

July 2011

I am an avid student with a great desire to understand how our brains function in the complex dynamics present in human relationships. Having read numerous books on the subject, I can honestly say that Outsmarting Yourself by Dr. Karl Lehman is by far the best! This book goes far beyond the step by step process of inner healing and takes you to the why and how of those processes. Dr. Lehman shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in inner healing in such a way that even novices can understand and apply it to their lives and the lives of others. I highly recommend this book to everyone I know—it’s that good!

Rhonda Calhoun

Co-founder and co-director, Harvest Home and Our Father’s Farm ministries

Author of many books, including The Bride, Blessed are the Poor

 Simon Peter and the Master, Simon Peter and the Savior, and Simon Peter and the King

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