Note: Between this website (, the original Lehman website (, and the website for the Immanuelapproach, (, there are more than 1,000 pages of free download essays about the Immanuel approach and related subjects.

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Immanuel Approach Website

For those who are just getting started with respect to learning about the Immanuel approach, we recommend the “Getting Started” page of the immanuel approach website. As more advanced topics become relevant, we encourage you to explore the many additional essays on this website and also on

Dr Lehman’s homepage has a built in search engine for those who desire to delve deeper into his database of essays on such topics as emotional healing, spirituality and the brain mind spirit system.

Outsmarting Yourself Book Review by ERB

Englewood Review of Books posted a book review for Outsmarting Yourself. Click here to read the review by Jasmine Wilson.

Life-Model website

“The Life Model is a new paradigm for spiritual and psychological health. If you have tried the usual Christian and psychological answers but still long for something more – you have come to the right place. Stay skeptical as long as you can and take a close look at the Life Model” (Quote is from Life Model home page)

Thrive Today

“THRIVE exists to restore the missing relational brain skills in families, leaders and churches that keep loving people from thriving. We can only pass on to our children and future generations the abilities we have received and refined. By combining brain science with God’s way of life and systematic training, we are changing our generation!” (Quote is from Thrive home page)

Thriving Recover Your Life

Thriving: Recover Your Life incorporates the latest advances in neuroscience with the Life Model concepts and the 19 relationship skills needed to thrive. This program is revolutionizing churches, recovery programs and other ministries all over the world. We are extending an invitation to partner with us in spreading this treasure.” (Quote is from Thriving Recover home page)

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