Jim Wilder, Ph.D.

January 2011

New! Profound and urgently needed! For only the second time in thirty years I have read something that is fundamentally original, very practical, and solves critical problems (Dr. Allan Schore’s books were the first such experience). Throughout my career as a counselor, whenever I worked with conflicts in which the people involved did not share the same sense of reality about the problem, nothing helped for long regardless of what I did. The “hurt” parties were almost always offended by my attempts to help, and eventually walked out of the talks with the relationships being lost. InOutsmarting Yourself Dr. Karl Lehman provides a brilliant integration of brain science and God’s healing that guides beginners and experts alike through simple interventions for correcting the ways our brains create distortions in our perceptions of reality; and when we then share the same sense of reality we can finally sort out conflicts that had previously been irreconcilable. Here is the road map for helping yourself and others out of the messiest relational tangles in life. This is a book for everyone you know who has a broken relationship in their life or in their church. We are about to see some people reunited!

Jim Wilder, Ph.D.

Psychologist with thirty years of clinical experience

 Director, Shepherd’s House; Developer of Thriving: Recover Your Life,

Author of several books, including The Complete Guide to Living With Men.

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