Is Dr. Lehman available for office, phone, or e-mail consultations?

I also get many requests for consultations. And I totally understand people’s desire to get consultation input from someone with extensive experience and proven efficacy. Especially when they have a particularly difficult/complicated situation, and especially when they have already tried many other resources and/or ministries and/or therapists. If I were in this situation, I would also ask for a consultation from Dr. Lehman. Unfortunately, just as with individual sessions, intense time constraints make it impossible for me to provide consultations regarding specific, personal situations. Again, it grieves me to say “no” to so many earnest requests, but I just can’t find a way to fit more than 24 hours into each day.

A few final thoughts for those of you who are dealing with a situation with some aspect that is beyond your current training and/or experience and/or skill and/or capacity (and therefore you are understandably looking for consultation input as one way to bring additional resources into the situation):

1) Ask the Lord for help in finding the right additional resources (with the right consultation being only one possibility), and be persistent in prayer.

2) Look through the material on our websites (and remember to use the search function on I have gotten many consultation questions that have already been answered in one or more of the essays available as free downloads.

3) One indirect option for obtaining consultation input is to formulate your questions, as clearly and concisely as possible, into questions that might be FAQs for the general public. I am not able to respond to individual e-mails, but I am constantly watching for questions that would be helpful as FAQs, and I will try to answer them as I am able.

4) Again, Charlotte and I (and Andy) regularly pray for those of you who have not yet found the help that you need.

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