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immanuel approach

Visit the Immanuel Approach Website

The Immanuel approach is a cornerstone of Dr Lehman’s paradigm.

The Immanuel approach website ( is designed to provide resources for anyone wanting to learn about, receive, facilitate, or teach the Immanuel approach. Our hope is that it will provide an easy initial access point for beginners who want to learn about the Immanuel approach, resources for those wanting to include the Immanuel approach in their ministries and practices, resources for those wanting to do teaching/training regarding the Immanuel approach, and connection information for those trying to find a facilitator who can help them with experiencing the Immanuel approach. For those who are just getting started with respect to learning about the Immanuel approach, we have a page of recommendations about where to begin called “Getting Started” The website also provides true testimonies, a referral list, and much more.

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