How/where can I find someone to facilitate Immanuel approach emotional healing for me?

It probably won’t surprise anyone to hear that we also receive many, many requests for assistance in finding a therapist/emotional healing minister who can facilitate Immanuel approach emotional healing. We are working hard to train Immanuel approach facilitators, and to post information regarding these people on the “Referrals” page of our Immanuel approach website (, but the small number of facilitators we are aware of are profoundly unable to provide sessions for the large number of people who want them. At least for now, most people will need to find or recruit their own Immanuel approach facilitators. See the essay (“Finding/Recruiting Your Own Immanuel Approach Facilitator”) for our thoughts regarding how one might pursue doing so.

Also note these additional thoughts

1) Ask the Lord for help in finding the right person(s) to support and work with you, and be persistent in prayer.

2) Check the “Referrals” page of for possibilities. If you find options that seem promising, we encourage you to call/e-mail them to gather additional information that will help you find a good fit. Be sure to ask any questions that feel important to you. You may also need to actually try working with several different facilitators in order to find a good fit. All of this can sometimes be a burdensome hassle, but we encourage you to be persistent (and keep asking the Lord for help, as needed).

3) Prayerfully ponder the suggestions we offer in our essay about finding/recruiting your own facilitator (download essay). The Lord may be calling you to be part of the pioneering task of raising up more Immanuel approach facilitators.

4) We regularly pray for those of you who have not yet found the help that you need.

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