Edith Buller-Breer

December 2011

I really appreciate Dr Lehman’s new book. He writes so clearly, leaving no details hanging where you wonder, “Now is this what he means?” Instead, he explains exactly what he means. Sometimes the sentences get r-e-a-l-l-y long, but I have been able to understand and stay connected because the explanations make sense. The content of the book flows very smoothly without jumping from one topic to another. Everything flows in a logical, clearly understood pattern. And to top it all off, Dr Lehman stops occasionally and says, “Here is what you’ve just read/learned and here is what you will read/learn next.” I appreciate that! I think anyone reading Dr Lehman’s book will find him a safe, highly competent leader, not only because of his intense understanding of the subject matter, but because he shares the messy details of his own life and marriage with us.  I feel Dr Lehman is a guide who can be trusted. I know he understands what I am experiencing. Thus he becomes a shepherd guide worth following as I explore my own issues so I can experience joy, healing and growth.

Edith Buller-Breer

“Full time mom”

Lay person pursuing her own healing journey and helping others with theirs

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