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When reading chapter 1 as a representative sample for the rest of the book, it is important to know that this first chapter is not a preview with respect to content. The understanding that psychological trauma = any painful experience that we are not able to successfully process is new, and has many important implications, but the rest of the book in not just a much more detailed discussion of this new paradigm for psychological trauma. For example, the chapters on implicit memory, the verbal logical explainer, and central nervous system extrapolation describe phenomena that will be new to most readers, and then explain how these fascinating phenomena make it possible for unresolved trauma to be affecting us even while we remain completely unaware of this important reality. The chapters on the Immanuel approach present strategic understanding and techniques not included in any other model for emotional healing. The chapters on relational connection circuits combine observations from many different sources to come up with insights that we have not seen presented anywhere else; and these insights are converted into practical tools that can help us recognize when we are being affected by old trauma, and that can also enable us to dramatically reduce the negative impact of the traumatic memories that are affecting us. Finally, the chapters on helping others who are triggered present both understanding that is completely original and interventions that are amazingly effective.

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