Are Dr. Lehman and/or pastor Charlotte available for individual Immanuel sessions:

We get many requests for individual sessions, and we totally understand people’s desire to work with someone with extensive experience and proven efficacy. Especially when they have a particularly difficult/complicated situation, and especially when they have already tried working with other ministries/therapists (even including others who facilitate Immanuel sessions). If I were in this situation, I would also ask for sessions with Dr. Karl or pastor Charlotte. Unfortunately, intense time constraints make it impossible for us to provide individual sessions. We are currently working on writing several new books, putting together 10 – 15 DVD projects, updating old essays, writing new essays, preparing seminar presentations, developing/maintaining three web sites, and mentoring/supervising/collaborating with others who are providing Immanuel approach related ministries. In fact, the need for more time for these training related activities is so intense that we have been downsizing our private practice, as opposed to taking on any new client responsibilities. It saddens us to say “no” to so many earnest requests, but we just can’t find a way to fit more than 24 hours into each day.

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